"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
George Bernard Shaw

Former Law Enforcement and Military Personnel:
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Displaced from your job?

Thinking of renewing a career or making a transition to
a new field and are uncertain as to where to begin?

Stuck in a career with no future?

Anxious about entering the world of work for the first time?

Retiring and want to plan a second career?

Thinking of pursuing additional education, training
or certification?


In today's ever-changing world of work, many continue to wrestle with these issues – your career life can become out of balance. Our program, The Career Management System, can help you find a better fit. It's Your Life, why not Make It Your Design!

The My Life My Design Program was developed by the Career Management Professionals at The Princeton Career Development Institute, which is a leading provider of career and educational planning solutions.

The My Life My Design platform has been available exclusively to large organizations and businesses – until now. The Institute has now created a program for individuals who are looking for professional career management resources. You can access the most powerful resources available on the Internet. Learn more about this exciting, proven System HERE.